Holidays on a budget

If you’re looking for a break on a budget there are options available which can save you money.

1. Look local

Most of us use the Internet to book holidays and look in English. However, booking your holiday using the local language and search engine could save you money as you’ve gone direct. Once you get to the website, you can easily translate it into English, but the savings may be worth the initial inconvenience.

2. Go all in

If you’ve never experienced an all inclusive package holiday, now could be the time. All inclusive package holidays usually include flights, accommodation and all meals so you can eat and drink to your heart’s content without worrying about the cost. The hotels often arrange airport pick up and day trips to local tourist attractions so you won’t need to hire a car.

3. Plan ahead…

If you arrange your holiday months in advance, you could benefit from cheap travel and accommodation. Use to book your advance tickets to the airport using Clubcard vouchers and avoid the high price of airport car parks.

4. …or leave it to the last minute

Alternatively you could try a last minute holiday. Nobody makes money from half empty planes and hotels, so prices are cut to entice travellers. Try and for a spontaneous holiday.

5. Be flexible

If you’re not fussy about when you leave then prices can be much lower, although the cheapest flights can be at 4am, stopping somewhere bizarre en route. However, if you save enough money to stay an extra night, then it may be worth the early start. You should also have an easier drive to the airport because there won’t be as much traffic.

6. Swallow your pride

Downgrade to a lower star hotel to save money. Read online reviews from guests - you’ll get a smaller, more basic room, but the views and breakfast could be outstanding.

7. Act your age

If you have a student card, are travelling as a family or are over 50, it’s worth mentioning it when you book activities or transport. Most countries in Europe have concessionary discounts, much more worthwhile than the UK.

8. Use your legs

If you’re holidaying in a city and the weather’s nice, then walk to each destination. You’ll get fit, enjoy the sun and see the city, which is much better than a crowded Metro train, or overpriced taxi, and often easier. Tourists in London get the Tube from Embankment to Charing Cross, even though it’s less than a minute’s walk!

9. Make your own

Staying in self-catered accommodation can seem like hard work, especially if you’re a full-time parent who’s sick of cooking. However, even if you only cook a few times during your holiday, you’ll save money and not feel intimidated by the local cuisine. It’s also easier to make packed lunches and you’ll still be able to have breakfast if you sleep in.

10. Go back to your roots

If you really want to save money, then camping is the perfect way to do so. There are some beautiful campsites in Europe, with showers, swimming pools, pubs and beach views. If you’re not afraid of the outdoors, pack the tent and go back to nature.

How can John Lewis help?

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