Green driving tips

Save some cash and save the planet with these tips on how to drive in a greener way.

Want to save money and help the environment? Then it’s time to start driving in an eco-friendly way. With petrol and diesel prices higher than ever, it makes sense to use less fuel whenever you can.

1. Choose a small car

Green driving starts with the type and size of car you have. Go for the smallest engine size that suits you, and check out diesel, LPG, electric or hybrid models which may use a cheaper fuel than petrol.

2. Plan your journey

Leave plenty of time and plan your route carefully so you don’t have to drive at high speeds and avoid traffic jams. If you do get stuck, don’t rev your engine in frustration and if you’re in a real jam that’s going nowhere switch off your engine to save fuel.

3. Watch your speed

Keep a regular speed and change gear efficiently. Slow down and speed up gradually, rather than slamming on the brakes and then accelerating quickly, which uses more fuel and may be dangerous.

4. Empty your boot

Carrying extra weight uses more fuel, so clear out your boot, take off your roof rack and don’t fill up your tank if you don’t need to. All that extra fuel costs money to drive around!

5. Open the window

Running the air conditioning uses fuel, so air your car the old-fashioned way – by opening the windows. In cold weather, think about how long you’re using the demisters for. And if you’re not listening to the stereo, turn it off.

6. Pump up your tyres

Check your tyre pressure regularly, as you’ll need to use more fuel if your tyres aren’t inflated properly.

7. Have your car serviced

If your engine’s running efficiently, it’ll use less fuel and save you money. Check your oil regularly, too.

8. Shop around

It’s worth taking the time to compare petrol or diesel prices in your area to find out which garage is cheapest. Supermarkets may offer discounts on fuel, giving out a voucher with your weekly shop. Compare prices

9. Don’t warm up

As the cold weather hits, you might think that you need to run your engine to warm it up before setting off on a journey. Most modern cars don’t need “warming up”, so as soon as you’ve cleaned your screens (using a cloth, rather than wasting fuel on running the demister!) you’re good to go.

10. Walk instead

Do you really need to use your car for short journeys? If you’re serious about saving money and doing your bit for the environment, look into walking, cycling or taking public transport if it’s cheaper. Or get a lift with a friend!

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